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What is Paintball?

is the world's fastest growing outdoor participation sport. It's a combination of childhood "hide and seek" and "tag," but much more sophisticated... and challenging!

A group of players is usually divided into two equal teams, varying in size from four or five to as many as fifty or more on a side. Each player is then given a CO2 charged paintball gun that expels paintballs to mark opponents. For optimum safety, players are also supplied with high quality goggles and facemasks.

The object of the game is simple: to go out, eliminate your opponents, and capture their flag. But watch out! Because they'll be doing the same to you.
Paintball is a truly unique sport where women stand on an equal footing with men. In fact, physical size and strength do not create a star; rather it's your ability to think (like in chess) that helps make you the star.

Paintball is many things. But above all... it's fun!

since 1988 Providing Fun and Excitement for:

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It's an adventure you and your friends will be reliving for a long time to come. Hope to see you soon. We're here to make sure you have a good time. Call now to make your reservation 973-584-2220

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